Saturday Evening Ministry Meetings

These meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. 

Meetings commence at 6:30 pm

For the 2019/20 series the visiting speakers are:- 


9th November 2019
David Weir, Glencraig
Daniel Voisey, Adamstown
14th December 2019
Sinclair Banks, Peterhead
David Reid, Sunderland
11th January 2020
Gordon Stewart, Wallingford
Stephen Arbuthnot, Maryhill
8th Feruary 2020
Daniel Rudge, Bracknell
Ian Campbell, South Shields
14th March 2020
Tim Miller, Hildenburgh
Wesley Martin, Harryville
Annual Conference

The conference is held on the first Saturday in June each year at 3.00 pm

For 2020 the speakers expected are:-

Saturday 6th June 20
Cancelled due to Covid-19